Christmas Tickets On Sale 13 September

Christmas Tickets On Sale 13 September

Fresh air and fun. The Beach is the ultimate place to explore, relax or cool off!

Things to do

The Beach

Splash through rock pools, feel sand between your toes and explore interactive water play. Hire a Beach Hut to make the most of your visit.

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Beach Hut Hire

A super-handy base for your day! Relax, take shelter or enjoy a yummy picnic.

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Water Play

Explore rock pools, pump water through streams and channels, control dams.

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Archimedes Screw

Gravity-defying fun! Turn the screw and see the water swirl upstream.

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Boulder Climbing

Climb and scramble on big rocks or find a comfy nook in the net hammocks.

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Giant Sandpit

Wide open stretches of soft, golden sand to build, sculpt and dig.

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Cliffside Slide

Scramble up the cliffside and take the plunge down the bright blue slide.

Dino Dig 3
Dino Dig 4
Dino Dig 2

Dino Dig Zone

Excavate the bones of a dinosaur hidden beneath the sand!

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Lifeguard Tower

Brave lifeguards on duty can keep a keen lookout across the Beach.

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The Beach Cafe

Restore energy levels with snacks, drinks and – of course! – ice creams.